Customer Testimonials
Kimberly Baltz
Author: Frieda Fox book series

"It took me a while to find the right illustrator for my children's books. The first time I talked to Marty, I knew he was the right person for the job. He was excited about my books and he understood what I wanted. Sometimes I joke that we share a brain because Marty is able to put on paper what I am picturing in my head when I write the stories. The Frieda Tails books wouldn't be the magical adventures that they are without his beautiful artwork. I hear from friends, family, and strangers that kids love these books!"

Tom Martin
President, New Venture Strategies

"I've collaborated with Marty in an art direction capacity on dozens of occasions over the past two decades. Marty always delivers plenty of creative options to choose from at the rough draft stage, and really delivers when the creative meeting-of-the-minds enables him to shine - with illustrations, rendered text, photo retouching and logo designs that blow people away. Hire the man. You'll be glad you did."

Marc Lee
Owner and Software Programmer, MLMultimedia

"I know many people will attest to the creativity and surprise-factor of Marty's artwork. I would like to approach Marty's contribution on a slightly different level: that of lead designer on software interface projects. I use Marty for the interface design, layout and structure of computer programs. In that, he becomes a part of the project team and is a major contributor to discussions of flow, navigation, functionality and just 'feel' of a project. This is way more than art and design- it's a willingness to engage and think in the abstract about a project. This sets him apart from others in his field. Marty's ideas are always of substance and invariably get enthusiastic response from the client. We consider him a part of the development team. I also use Marty's creativity for animation projects. This is where it get's to be fun! The fun for someone like me ( a programmer) is to have Marty's great art to animate. It makes my work easy and the client surprised and happy!

Steve Gannon
Owner GanTek Multimedia

"Marty Petersen has been a fantastic custom art/illustration resource for GanTek Multimedia for over a decade. Marty has created software user interfaces, scenes for immersive interactive exercises, technical drawings, rich landscapes, human and animal forms, abstracts, etc. Most artists exhibit a "style." Marty is unique in that he can create images in any style, from photorealistic to very painterly. This talent has proven invaluable in meeting the needs of my clients."

Ken Bass
Author: Landstrike ("The greatest hurricane book ever.")

"I worked with Marty to illustrate a cover for my action/adventure hurricane novel, Landstrike. Marty was quick to grasp the concept, stayed responsive throughout the project, kept me up to date, worked quickly and in the end turned out an awesome illustration. He did it all at a reasonable price. I hope to collaborate with Marty again in the future."

Mike Ceranski
Sophco, Athena Software, Dvorak Development, BizBlast, aaBeck Technology Group

"Marty has done a variety of art projects over the years for my software companies, including art for product boxes, magazine advertisements, electronic art, and more. I once even asked him to produce a desktop icon for Windows and limited him to 32 x 32 bits x 8 colors. He did a terrific job on it like everything he's done for me. I heartily recommend Marty as a creative artist of the first order and as a professional who delivers more than he promises."

Karin Offield
Offield Farms

"I needed some art, found Marty and within hours I knew I had the best man for the job. Though I have never met him, I feel like I can call on him anytime and if his schedule permits....voila - my work will be done. Marty goes above and beyond to makes things happen. I will work with him for many many years. plus he is cute."

Chris Brandt
Lake of the Dells and Central Park East Apartments

"Marty is the best for logo design, graphics, and creativity in general. Not only fun to work with but quick on the draw! (pardon the pun) He's done print ads, billboards, graphics and more for our two businesses and we live miles and states apart! He's very attentive to detail and getting out exactly what we are trying to say to the public. I would highly recommend him! He's the best!"

Stephen S. Strichart, Ph.D.
Owner- Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources

"I've worked with Marty for years. He's a great guy to work with. Marty is a very talented and creative artist who loves his work. He has always been very responsive to my needs."

Kathleen LaPlant
Author: The Paintaker, Paintaker- Prophecy of Peace and War

"Team work. That's what you get when you hire Marty to design for you. The entire process of designing the cover art for The Pain Taker was short, professional, and thrilling to see unfold each day. With our first collaboration, I found myself getting so caught up in the whole design process. Marty took my words and painted a wonderful picture. How cool is that! The attention to detail in his work is phenomenal. From the moment he takes on your project to the very end and beyond, Marty shows dedication to the art work and the client. I look forward to the end stages of my next book now, a process I have always dreaded."

Matthew Schreiner
Technical Solutions Consultant, Motorola, Inc

"I have had the opportunity to work with Marty Petersen multiple times over the past eight years, on both personal and professional projects. Marty's particular genius is his ability to grasp the deliverable concept immediately, and produce what is required (usually producing a better version of the original idea) on time and on budget. His sense of life and vision come through on even the most mundane projects, and I would highly recommend Marty Petersen on any project in which the requirement is creative, fine-art quality graphics delivered on time and on budget, in a friendly, professional manner."